Double win from Drie Susters

Our second race weekend that we participated in this season was from Drie Sisters a distance of 382 km. The Federation had a Yearling event and and Open event on offer. We participated in both with the following result on club level.

Drie Sisters Yearlings

Our pigeons took the following positions in the first 50:


Bred from the following lines:

1st…..Bred from a Son of “Son Drum” x De Zutter                            2nd Kbly Union  14th FED 1341 Pigeons

2nd…..Bred from Sablon x Gaby Vandenabeele (Daugther of “Jonge Bliksem”      6th Union   23rd FED

7th…..Bred from “Son Drum” x “Geschelpt Sylvester” (Geerinckx)                                19th Union  44th FED

19th…..De Rauw Sablon – Freddy line

20th….De Rauw Sablon – Freddy line

22st….. Gaby Vandenabeele (Son of “Blue Shadow”) x daughter of “Son Drum”

23rd…..Gaby Vandenabeele (Son of “Golden Eye”) x daughter of “Son Drum”

Drie Sisters Open:

Our pigeons took the following positions in the first 50.


They were bred from the following lines:

1st….Gaby Vandenabeele (Daughter of “Jonge Bliksem“)                     1st Kbly Union   10th FED 1402 Pigeons

2nd…..Koopman x Daugher of “Jonge Bliksem”                                               2nd Union    11th FED

4th…..De Rauw Sablon                                                                       13th Union     34th FED

7th…..Lou Wouter (0074 x 2087)                                                         19th Union    41st FED

8th…..De Rauw Sablon (3332 x daughter “Miss Cleopatra”)                     30th Union    67th FED

10th…..Koopman (son “Dora” x ‘Princess Atilla”)                                    40th Union    70th FED

13th…..Gaby Vandenabeele (out of son “Jonge Bliksem”)                                   100th FED

14th…..De Rauw Sablon (son “296” x “Flipper 873”) x Koopman (“Bernice”)

15th…..Lou Wouter

16th…..De Rauw Sablon(Son out of “296” and “307”)  x Daughter of “Son Drum”

18th…..Son of “Golden Eye” x daughter of “Son Drum”

19th…..Son of ‘”Golden Eye” x Daughter of “Son Drum”

20th…..Lou Wouter

21st…..Lou Wouter (0686 x 0178)

Jonge Bliksem