The 0490 – Sold R2000

Ring Nr: ZANK 0490/11
Strain: DeRauw Sablon

statistics & info

A loveley allround stock hen. This hen was purchased from us by a fancier that suddenly vanished from the face of the Earth. We collected her back in bad shape , because she was so valuable. She is bred in the lines of the “Gustaf” and “The 970” on the cock side and her mother is our special hen “Mrs Nelle”.

‘MISS NELLE” IS AN OUTSTANDING HEN WITH A GREAT BREEDING FUTURE-HER DAUGHTER 0056/10 FLEW 45,20,15,14,6,4,3,3.ALSO-1824/10…40,37,36,33,30,29,14,12,10,9,3,1,1(FED WINNER).-BRED ALSO 0186/10 FLEW 40,20,16,8,3,1.(FEDERATION WINNER)FIRST BIRD CAR RACE 2012.