Racing was offered from Cradock this past weekend, with a distance of 388 km. The pigeons was  liberated in 10 km per hour headwind that pushed up to 35 km per hour on route, reducing the overall speed to 1150 mpm in warmer temperatures.

A Koopman/Gaby vandenabeele hen that won our seasons first race, dropped first in the yearling event winning by a 6 min break in the club. Now a double winner.. her parents also produced a 4 time winner, 3 time winner for other fanciers. Two double winners was also bred for our loft…

Herewith the results of our pigeons this weekend

Yearlings: 1,5,12,33,42…298 pigeons in race

Open: 6,7,8,10,11,29,31,37….297 pigeons in race