In 2016 we bred a blue bar hen in the race loft that raced extremely well. She flew week after week scoring 46,44,13,9,7,4,3,2,2,1 on club level in the short to middle distance races  and was crowned the short distance Ace Pigeon of the Northern Cape pigeon Federation.

This year she showed her superiority again by competing in 5 races scoring 6,6,6,1,1. her ability to recover fast after racing gives her the edge over the other and thus the upfront results week after week.

Racing this passed weekend was from Aberdeen (430 km). The pigeons was knocked a bit by some cold weather, but a decent result was still achieved.

Our results

Aberdeen Yearlings: 13,18,32,38…..not good

Aberdeen Opens: 1,3,6,9,18,19,21,30…much better. The win was achieved by 0178/16 which is strongly bred to our No 1 Koopman Pair “Son Drum” and “Ronja”