The 2018 Central Pigeon Loft program started last weekend with their first race from Hanover (280 km). We entered 15 birds to this loft and scored 8th and 50th position in the opening event. These positions were both taken by descendants of “Son Drum X “Ronja.

This past weekend racing was from Richmond (320 km) and a faster race was on the cards. One of our pigeons, a lovely Koopman x Gaby Vandenabeele cross was the outright winner of the race. The 6th position was also taken by a very nice De Rauw Sablon x Koopman bird. The 25th position was taken by the nestmate of the winner.

What is interesting is that all  pigeons are related and comes from our number one Koopman pair “Son Drum” and “Ronja”.. ..”Son Drum”  is a son of the UK famous “Drum” that  is regarded as the best Koopman breeding cock there. “Son Drum” was bought from Alex Ferguson of Mancester United via Pipa.

“Ronja” was puchased from Gerardt Koopman. She is strongly inbred to the famous “Golden Lady”. “Golden Lady” is the mother of the world famous “Kannibaal”.

These results again prove that “Son Drum” and “Ronja” are the best Koopman breeding Pair in South Africa.