You thought they had good pigeons

Never think that the pigeon sport is being practise honestly by all fanciers in the world.  A recent investigation into result misconduct revealed shocking evidence into the ways that some fanciers “cheats” to achieve a good result with their loft of  “kapokkies”. Not worth the jacket they wear.

On the photos herewith it can been seen how “clever” our fanciers became.  Yes, clever enough to be expelled from the sport for life.  I can today honestly say that there are many instances of cheating taking place in our clubs.  These practises are not eradicated due to the fact that we have become to comfortable in our doings during basketing nights.

I would like to give a couple of examples in order for clubs and Union / Federation to give special attention to these points:

1. Truck drivers are being bribed to share in prize money.  Pigeons are being removed from the truck by breaking the panniers inside the passage.  Pigeons are then pulled closer with a bracket type tool to be removed.  The pigeon are marked with a special marking ring  by the fancier and is usually a very specific colour like a red or pied.

  1. Fanciers make corruption gangs that work together with the driver to obtain rings taken off pigeons in the truck.  In this way it seem as if a pack of pigeons came in from the race.
  2. Fanciers remove the chip from the electronic rings and use “presstic” under a long grown nail to hide the chip when scanning the pigeon.
  3. A dead pigeon’s leg fitted with the electronic ring are also being used when scanning during basketing.  The dead leg is then hidden in the fancier’s pocket.  In cases of this a dead electronic ring is fitted on the pigeon to fool others.
  4. A dead ring is placed on a pigeon and the correct registrated ring is hidden in the basket with “presstic”.  The fancier collects the specific selected pigeon in the basket and also the ring from the “presstic” under his two smaller fingers. Scanning takes place and the fancier puts the pigeon in the race pannier.  There after he quickly takes his handkerchief out to blow his nose and to hide the ring in the handkerchief.  See photo below.
  5. Fanciers team together with one staying nearer to race point than the other.  The pigeons of the nearest fancier is then registered in the team of the furtherest fancier.  During race day clocking takes place at the nearest loft making a win very easy for the other fancier.

Cheating mostly takes place under our noses in the clubhouse and it was also found that the corruption on the pigeon trucks is profitable to drivers.  To combat the dishonesty in the clubhouse, it has maybe become necessary for fanciers to agree to a lie detector or voice analysis test when fraud is being suspected during the course of the racing season.  The same applies to the drivers and their contracts with the racing institutions

The most important of all is that members must be forbidden to basket their own pigeons.  You will not believe what happens in the few meters between a fancier’s basket and the truck pannier.

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