“222” De Klak

The 222 Story

On the 28th of May 1983, during the Total Dispersal sale of Mr Vic Furstenburg of Potchefstroom, two pigeons were sold to a Kimberley fancier that changed the racing pigeon sport in the Northern Cape. In actual fact these pigeon’s progeny benefited the whole South Africa, as many youngsters spread over our country. The sale was packed with quality pigeons, but none better than lot 120 and 188 on the sales list. This pair formed the basis of the famous “222” family. Lot 120 was 5977 Tvl 80, “The Ducheyne Cock”. This cock bred winners with 6 different hens and was a son of the famous Yellow eye Oscar cock and the Leeugamka federation winner – out of “Klein Kenny”…

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