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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Selecting your youngsters

It is a fact in South Africa that we breed to many youngsters during the breeding season. It must also be said that we breed from a lot of mediocre pigeons, hoping that a winner might pop out of the eggs. We ring every baby that hatches and we think twice before we kill the [...]

Build your sport

After a busy racing season, it is world wide tradition that every Club, Federation / Union arranges a prize-giving for its members. It is here that we as fanciers get rewarded for our hard work throughout the year. Everybody is not always successful to win a trophy and others walk away with a good collection [...]

Off-Season feeding

I hope that the article that was placed last month concerning overpopulation and the selection of your better youngsters had the necessary response. If you, by now, still think that the selection of your youngsters in not necessary, you will as in the past, face a difficult season. Overpopulation equals big financial expenses towards medicine. [...]