Gaby and Koopman wins again

Racing was from Leeu Gamka last weekend. Although we are not that happy with our performance, we still manage to have front flying bird on both the events that was on offer.

Our pigeons took the following positions is the first 50 on club level.

Results Leeu Gamka Yearlings (520 km):


Bred from;

1st…..”Drum Major” (Koopman) x daughter “Jonge Bliksem”( Gaby)  4th KBLY Union –  27th FED  1288 PIG

10th……De Rauw sablon – Son of “320” x “307”                                      24th Union  – 63rd FED

12th…..(Gaby x Koopman) -Son of “Golden Eye” X daughter of “Son Drum”     30th Union – 71st FED

18th…..   Son of “Son Drum” x De Zutter                                                 48th Union – 92nd FED                


25th…..Janssen x De Rauw Sablon

28th…..Lou Wouter   0074/10 x 208710 (stud click pair)

30th…..Son of Golden Eye x Granddaughter “Dora”




2nd…..Son of ‘DORA”(Koopman) x “Princess Atilla”( Koopman)      10th KBLY Union – 15th FED 1271 PIGEONS

4th….Lou Wouter   0686/11 x 0178/10 (Stud click pair)                           13th Union – 18th FED

6th….De Rauw Sablon –    “3332” x “Cleo Didi”                                       17th Union – 22th FED

9th…..Geerinckx – “Son Gladiator” x “Geschelpt Sylvester” – Union winner   28th Union – 37th FED

10th….. De Rauw Sabln x Lou Wouter                                                    30th Union – 39th FED

11th…..Son “Golden Eye” x “Daugher “Son Drum”                                    31st Union – 44th FED

18th….. Son of “Son Drum” x De Zutter                                                  40th Union – 70th FED

22nd…..Son of “320” sablon x De Zutter                                                 46th Union – 79th FED

24th…..0074/10 x 2087/10 (Lou Wouter click stud pair)                            53rd Union – 87th FED

25th….. Lou Wouter                                                                              54th Union – 88th FED

30th…..Son of “Flipper 873” x Koopman “Bernice”

The next race we will participate in will be from Prince Albert a distance of 555 km on the 1 Aug 2016

Drum Major