Lou Wouter

Maybe the best pigeons that was ever imported to South Africa. I was fortunate to purchase two of the three best cocks that was imported by Roland Bouwer.

The line of “The 86” cock proofed to be very good and continued to produce Federation and Club winners genetation after generation. The line of the “Liefdes Hen” which was brought in by the late Dr. Brymer still produces wonderful race athletes wherever they go. This two lines cross together very well and our whole Lou Wouter family is based around “The 86” cock who himself bred 10 winners and many children that brought forth Federation winners, multiple winners, winners and many pigeons to race in the prizes.

We only have 3 direct sons of “The 86” cock in stock which are very old and we offer youngsters directly off them. These are very good pigeons. <

The famous “Liefdes Hen” won 13 first prizes of which 2 was Federation wins. She was also the Ace pigeon in our Federation during 1999 (140 members). She was also National Ace pigeon long distance 1999 and 2000 (infotech)and was the second Ace pigeon National overall 1999. She also won the 17th Ace pigeon long distance Olimpiade 2001.

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Breeding Pairs


DE74 & The 1803


The 0686 & The 2873

Pair 3:

0687 & 0935

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