Diamond Pigeon Stud

“DE 74″is a super cock bred from ‘THE BARNARD COCK” and “The Bloue 0103”,one of our foundation pairs.
The “Bloue 0103 is a daughter of “Lennox” and “The 407” that produced two three time winners in one nest pan.
The “Barnard Cock” is now infertile. I sold him as a baby to Theuns Barnard and told him that i will break our friendship if he does not place him in the breeding loft. Theuns wanted to race him. He was a great baby with a special character. I was not wrong as “The Barnard Cock turned out a super breeder of Ace pigeons, winners and many birds to fly in the prizes.He owns good balance,feathers,wing and eye.
I bought him back at Theuns’s sale.He is a son of our foundation “86 Cock” that was imported directly from Lou Wouters in 1987.