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“De Wondere 8847” (Home page photo – DES 2010)

You get good pigeons and then you get super pigeons. ‘’De Wondere 8847” is a pigeon that will make any fancier a Champion. .She is the foundation racer amongst many great birds of Vermeulen lofts and one of the most consistent racers the Northern Cape Pigeon Federation enjoyed for many years.

Not only did she fly many prizes in the clock, she is a pigeon that can be raced weekend after weekend from 300 km to 850 km.

During 2009 when she was a yearling , she was raced 17 weekends out of a 20 weekend program .  She won 14 prizes in the clock time in the club. Every body thought she was burned out as she was raced so hard as a yearling. She proved to be even better as a two year old. Listen to this;  –she was raced 19 weekends out of a 20 weekend race program and won prizes in the clock a stunning 15 times in the club and 12 times in the Federation.

She produced only 1 youngster after the 2009 racing season and this youngster won 6 prizes in 7 races. I am sure that “De Wondere 8847” will  became a super breeder and will continue to provide the winning pleasure to the Vermeulen  family. I must say that it is an honor to know that such a high quality pigeon is part of our club’s athletes.

Looking at her pedigree, she descents from a variety of  blood lines and can we say that she is a true ’’Vermeulen” pigeon. Why I say this, is the fact that the Vermeulen birds is in a superior class due to the fact that they  own an above average stamina and the ability to recover within 7 day. They can   be raced again and again and this over the long distances. Not only this!!!!!.they can do it as yearlings and not burn out!!!!!!

The main selection tool for Louis Vermeulen is the basket and he only retains pigeons that can recover fast and be raced often. Therefore only the best stayers are bred from in his breeding program . So will we find that the very best of Ettiene de Vos, Lou Wouter, Cattryse, Houben etc.  are found in her pedigree

Her Federation result sheet is most impressive:

2009 (yearling)


1 st Touwsrivier  890 p  679 km
9 th Worcester  830 p  741 km
28 th Hanover  1197 p  258 km
29 th Cradock  1388 p  387 km
34 th  Prince Albert  1056 p  553 km
35 th  Middleburg  1250 p  304 km
37 th Laingsburg  1058 p  615 km
39 th  Malmasbury  769 p  776 km
71 st Willowmore  1083 p  517 km
98 th Cookhouse  1235 p  453 km

2010 Federation results:

2 nd  ACE PIGEON FEDERATION 2010 (beaten by loftmate)

10 th  Prins Albert 1178 p  553 km
10 th Prins  Albert  1166 p  553 km
18 th  Beaufort West  1156 p  449 km
30 th Cradock  1154 p  387 km
37 th Beaufort West 1248 p  449 km
39 th Worcester 1115 p  741 km
47 th Cookhouse  1170 p  453 km
53 rd Middleburg  1489 p  304 km
67 th  Victoria West  1386 p  333 km
84 th Touwsriver  1065 p  679 km
84 th Worcester  926 p  741 km
93 rd Bellville  908 p  815 km