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Inoculation of your pigeons

There are many fanciers in the world that believe it is not necessary to inoculate pigeons against certain viruses and diseases. The ailments I am referring to is Paramyxo virus, Pox virus and the bacteria group Paratyphoid and Salmonella. I am a firm believer that you must inoculate your pigeons. It is also compulsory to the Department of Agriculture that pigeons must be inoculated against Paramyxo and Pox virus. Clubs can refuse to accept your pigeons if they are not properly inoculated. Let us have a look at the different inoculations and when it is a good time to administer it.

  1. Paramyxo Virus
    I find it very successful to inoculate the young birds when I wean them from their parents. There are three good products on the market being Chevivac P200, Nobivac and PMV I. An external lice product, IO Backdrops, is also used on day of weaning to assist against all blood sucking parasites . During the beginning of March the pigeons can then again be inoculated against Paramyxo. We have found that many fanciers use products that is suitable against New Castle disease to inoculate against Paramyxo virus. This is a big mistake as many of these fanciers end up encountering Paramyxo in their lofts before the racing season started. Do things properly and use the correct vaccines. Stop listening to every pigeon fanciers.
  2. Pox Virus
    Two weeks later the birds must be inoculated against pox. Use Medipox.All the instructions is on the bottle.Remember it is law to inoculate your pigeons against Paramyxo and Pox.
  3. Two week after the Pox inoculation you must do you pigeons against Paratyphoid/Salmonella.I like only one product and that is Auto Genious Parathyphoid.Remember that you must do your birds twice ,so read the instruction carefully.

If you are of the opinion that Paratyphoid/Salmonella is present in your loft then you will have to treat your pigeons first against the ailment. Use Baytril or Altabactine for 10 days. follow up with 2 days Probiotics and then inoculate them 5 days later after we gave time for the antibiotic to withdraw. A follow up inoculation must be done 4 weeks later.

This whole process will take two months and will end towards the end of April and can the pigeons then begin with the training program.