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It is a fact that many fanciers world wide and especially in South Africa cannot race without the use of extreme antibiotics and performance enhancing muties.

After doing the same for many years, i refused to give my pigeons these substances the last 3 years. The first year was havoc. Last year it was much better as our loft finished 7th in the Federation. This year the results are ever better. How did the results improve. Its simply. We keep the pigeons that can race without medicine and slowly but surely we’re culling off those that do not perform .We are breeding better pigeons with a good natural immunity.

We make use of natural products such as the GEM and BELGAVET lines that do not contain any antibiotics or chemicals to combat cancer and cossi. Garlic,Echinacea,Oregano and Grapefruit Seed Extract are being used as our natural antibiotics.Tricanox from the GEM company are being used for Cancer and Cossi. Strike is used to correct the intestinal tract and Breath Ezz for oxygen improvement. IMPACT (iodine) is very good to improve form . I like Eureka and Eureka Plus of the BELGAVET company as my vitamin, mineral, trace element and amino acid supplement.The product RACEMAX is also very good and contains a daily deworming substance. My choice of electrolite is Electroliten BVP of Belgavet or RECUPE. That’s basically all. I also must say that if the Paw Pow hits the fan i will use a decent antibiotic or other remedies for the problem.I did not need it the last two years.IT ALL ABOUT GOOD PIGEONS WITH A GOOD NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM.