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Uitsonderlike, Uitgesoekte Stoet Materiaal


ZANKDPK 0459 21 – Cock

ZANKDPK 0459 21 - CockGeerinckxThis cock is from our Geerinckx line crossed with the De Rauw Sablon bloodline and they are excellent to race from 500 - 800km. These pigeons…

ZANKDPK 10477 20 – Cock

ZANKDPK 10477 20 - CockKoopman / Gaby VandenabeeleThis is a special cock as he is bred from our number one click pair. His sisters and brothers and relatives flew in…

ZANKDPK 8380 19 – Hen

ZANKDPK 8380 19 - Hen222 De Klak JanssenAn outstanding breeding hen and my personal favourite. This hen breaks your fly buttons as she is super. Great body, feather, wing, muscle…

ZANKDPK 6593 15 – Hen

ZANKDPK 6593 15 - Hen222 De Klak JanssenAnother hen with the old gold breeding eye. She is a roomy hen that carries very little weight. One of the pigeons that…

ZANKDPK 3240 17 – Cock

ZANKDPK 3240 17 - Cock222 De Klak JanssenThis cock is a son of our top foundation cock and foundation hen which is double winner. This cock is also taken from…

ZANKDPK 3125 17 – Hen

ZANKDPK 3125 17 - Hen222 De Klak JanssenThis Blue Bar hen is one of my favourites. She has got the old gold breeding eye which has been proven to be…

ZANKDPK 3112 17 – Hen

ZANKDPK 3112 17 - Hen222 De Klak JanssenAnother super pigeon whom we are selling to make space for Geerinckx pigeons. She is bred from 8849/08 a federation winner and 11859/09…

De Gryze – Cock

ZANKDPK 0350 16 - Cock222 De Klak JanssenThis is currently our Number One 222 De Klak cock. We are selling some of our breeding birds to make space for a…

Cindy – Hen

ZA 0461 21 - HenGeerinckx / De Rauw SablonAn excellent Geerinckx/De Rauw Sablon hen bred from our very best stock material.They perform their best on the 500 - 800 km…

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